Q:1。Is it possible to get there directly during the winter?
We are sorry. Our establishment is located in the slopes and it is not possible to come directly by car due to the winter closure of the paths through the forest. Please come by the sky cable or the chuo-ropeway. When boarding each gondola, you can call us and we will come to pick you up at the arrival station.
Q: 2。Is there a parking lot of SANGORO at the spa town?
We are sorry. Please use the chuo-ropeway parking lot when coming to us in the winter period because our establishment does not operate any parking lot of its own at the spa town. Please inquire there because certain days you may park for free whereas for others there is a fee to use the parking lot.
Q: 3。What should I do if during the winter, I can’t get on time during the operating hours of the ropeway business? 
Do not worry! You can have the snow vehicles or snowmobiles pick you up in order to reach the spa town. Please contact us in advance in the case of a delayed arrival due to the deterioration of road conditions. Basically, we request that you arrive and check-in during the ropeway opening hours.
Q: 4。Is it possible to check-in earlier?
Yes it is possible! For example you may check-in as of 9:00 in case you are arriving early in the morning. However, you should inquire by phone because there are cases where we are unable to approve depending on the usage conditions of the rooms during the previous day. We can receive the luggage even if the room is unavailable.
Q: 5。Do you have a hot spring?
We are very sorry. Our bathing facilities do not include any hot spring. Guests willing to use a hot spring can obtain discount tickets from us for our partners’ hot spring facilities, please make use of them when departing or anytime according to your liking.
Q: 6。Is it allowed to bring in drinks and snacks?
You may bring them in as long as it for your consumption in your room. However, we do not permit the consumption of foods or drinks in the hall.
Q: 7。Is there a rental of skis or snowboards?
We are sorry. Our establishment does not provide rental services of skis or snowboards. You may obtain such services from our partner “Best Rental”. However, at the time of the advance reservation, you can apply by telephone to us to receive the rental products at SANGORO. Of course, you can settle the payments for both the lodging and the relevant fees at that time. Please let us know about the desired products and the relevant size when you call.
Q: 8。Is smoking allowed in the rooms?
We are sorry. All rooms are non-smoking. Please use the smoking area of the hall.
Q: 9。Is there a TV?
We are sorry. All the rooms of our establishment do not have any television set.
Q: 10。Are there discount lift tickets?
Yes there are. Interested customers can contact us in advance or apply for the pack plan. You can get them from the souvenir shop named "Yuki Gura" in front of the Family Mart on the day you arrive at the Zao Onsen. ※ When receiving note that there is only correspondence in Japanese.
Q: 11。Is it possible to use credit cards?
Yes. We accept credit cards.
Q: 12。Do you have English speaking staff?
Yes. We permanently have.
Q: 13。 Is there a free WiFi?
Yes. WiFi is available throughout the establishment free of charge.
Q: 14。How long does it take to get to the slopes?
Since we are located within the slopes, you can begin sliding right from the front door.

Q&Aの最終更新日 : 2017-05-26