SUPER LIGHT POWDER SNOW!! Yamagata Zao is a ski slope where you will be able to enjoy the powder snow whose quality is among the top few in Japan. Its ski season is long, extending from December to the first week of May!BEACON TRAINING PARK! we offer the training for searching for the location of anyone who is buried in the snow in the unlikely occurence of an avalanche.ICE MONSTERS!! The spectacle of trees with ice-covered foliage is so rare that it could be seen only in limited regions. Many conditions must be met for this phenomenon to occur-- the existence of trees, the appropritate amount of snowfall, the kind of winter weaather that is condusive to getting a great deal of supercooled water droplets to form. During your stay, you will be able to enjoy the rare and stunning beauty of Nature, trees with ice-covered foliage on the vast plane, renowned for this phenomenon. BACK COUNTRY!!

A way of fun you can only taste here.

zero minute walk to the ski slope.

Snow lighter and more powdery than the snow in Hokkaido.
It is possible to access powder no one has slid on with one ride on the lift. Enjoy the morning’s first powder!

See every day, scenery you normally can’t
Located at an elevation of about 1300 meters, silver frost forms in the surrounding beech forest as it is the peak season every day. You can also see diamond dust at sunrise.

A room you cannot become bored in
At Forest Inn Sangoro, there are many “Likes” which have been prepared for those who stay to prevent boredom. A waxing room, drink bar, reading space, billiards, and wifi are all free to use for those who stay at Forest Inn Sangoro.

Style the same as overseas
At Japanese hot-spring resorts and ski resorts, it is typical for two meals to come with a one night stay, but at Forest Inn Sangoro a breakfast comes standard with a one night stay. For dinner, you can choose whatever you like at a restaurant.

Only those who stay can taste it.
At Forest Inn Sangoro, we provide a special “first track” service to those customers who request it. Every morning from 7:30 - 8:00, we will take you to the Ohira Course Entrance for free. Interested customers, please notify us of your request before dinner the night before. If you want to be the first to draw the first tracks in the freshly packed snow no one has slid down, then you can do it with this service at Sangoro.
Caution: It may not be possible run the bus to due to bad weather. First truck Details